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Economy Hajj Package 2015 for Pakistan

The Best Hajj Package 2015 for Karachi

Hajj Package 2015 for Karachi Pakistan

Hajj Package 2015 for Karachi Pakistan

Labbaik Tours is offering you best Hajj 2015 package for you and your family. We are reliable Hajj services provider who are in business since 2000 and satisfied 2000+ Hajjis throughout these years. Our aim is to provide best possible service to Hajjis throughout the travel. Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. Hajj represents one of the peak experiences in the life of a Muslim. The Hajj or Pilgrimage is made to the sacred places of Islam in and around Mecca.

Hajj Package 2015 “Long”

0 Days of Hajj Journey

Hajj Package 2015 “Short”

0 Days of Hajj Journey

Hajj Package Features


You need to provide following documents in the time of submission
1 – Machine Readable Passport Validity till 31st March 2016
2 – 02 Set of C-NIC photo copy / Form B if (applicable).
3 – 08 Photographs 4 x 3 cm. with Sky Blue Background.
4 – Photocopy of Nominee (Waris) C-NIC with Contact number.
5 – Blood Group

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Plan you Hajj 2015 Journey with Labbaik

Plan your journey of lifetime with Labbaik Travels, we make your journey flexible

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